Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (3rd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby)

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Author: Hartl, Michael

Brand: Addison-Wesley Professional

Edition: 3

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 744

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Release Date: 09-05-2015

Details: Product Description “Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial by Michael Hartl has become a must-read for developers learning how to build Rails apps.” —Peter Cooper, Editor of Ruby Inside Used by sites as diverse as Twitter, GitHub, Disney, and the Yellow Pages, Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web applications, but it can be challenging to learn and use. Whether you’re new to web development or new only to Rails, Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial, Third Edition, is the solution. Best-selling author and leading Rails developer Michael Hartl teaches Rails by guiding you through the development of three example applications of increasing sophistication, focusing on the fundamental techniques in web development needed for virtually any kind of application. The updates to this edition include simplified installation via a standard development environment in the cloud, use of the default Rails stack throughout, a light-weight testing approach, an all-new section on image upload, and an all-new chapter on account activation and password resets, including sending email with Rails. This indispensable guide provides integrated tutorials not only for Rails, but also for the essential Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL skills you’ll need when developing web applications. Hartl explains how each new technique solves a real-world problem, and then he demonstrates it with bite-sized code that’s simple enough to understand, yet novel enough to be useful. Whatever your previous web development experience, this book will guide you to true Rails mastery. This book will help you Install and set up your Rails development environment, including a pre-installed integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud Go beyond generated code to truly understand how to build Rails applications from scratch Learn testing and test-driven development (TDD) Effectively use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern Structure applications using the REST architecture Build static pages and transform them into dynamic ones Master the Ruby programming skills all Rails developers need Create high-quality site layouts and data models Implement registration and authentication systems, including validation and secure passwords Update, display, and delete users Upload images in production using a cloud storage service Implement account activation and password reset, including sending email with Rails Add social features and microblogging, including an introduction to Ajax Record version changes with Git and create a secure remote repository at Bitbucket Deploy your applications early and often with Heroku Review Praise for Michael Hartl’s Books and Videos on Ruby on Rails “My former company (CD Baby) was one of the first to loudly switch to Ruby on Rails, and then even more loudly switch back to PHP (Google me to read about the drama). This book by Michael Hartl came so highly recommended that I had to try it, and the Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial is what I used to switch back to Rails again.” —From the Foreword by Derek Sivers ( Formerly: founder of CD Baby Currently: founder of Thoughts Ltd. “Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial book is the #1 (and only, in my opinion) place to start when it comes to books about learning Rails. . . . It’s an amazing piece of work and, unusually, walks you through building a Rails app from start to finish with testing. If you want to read just one book and feel like a Rails master by the end of it, pick the Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial.” —Peter Cooper, editor, Ruby Inside “For the self-motivated reader who responds well to the ‘learn by doing’ method and is prepared to put in the effort, then this comes highly recommended.” —Ian Elliot, reviewer, I Programmer “Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial is a lot of work but if you’re careful and patient, you’ll learn a lot.” —Jason Shen, tech entrepreneur, blogger at The Art of Ass-Kicking “Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial seamlessly taught me about not only Ruby on Rails, but also the underlying Ruby la

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Languages: English